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Sustainable agriculture

Supply chains that are transparent, verifiable and impactful

SoilOrigin Ltd is a strong advocate of sustainable agriculture.

We believe that for the agricultural sector to grow the safe, quality food needed now and in the future, the natural environment on which its depends must be protected and improved, and the social and economic well-being of growers, their employees and local communities must be supported.


At SoilOrigin Ltd , our vision is to build 21st Century Value Chains that are transparent, verified sustainable and create positive impacts on the ground in support of global SDGs.  This includes:

  • eliminating deforestation from our agricultural supply chains worldwide

  • reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

  • protecting peat land and other carbon-capturing ecosystems

  • conserving freshwater and acting responsibly in water-stressed regions

  • conserving biodiversity

  • supporting livelihoods

  • respecting labor and land use rights

  • applying free, prior and informed consent.

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